Alternative Therapy

Est. 2019

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Sent 2 Light


Lahaina Strong Tshirt

Sent 2 light is raising funds and accepting donations

for Lahaina, Hawaii Wildfire survivors. These Tshirts

will help rebuild Lahaina.


About Me

I created this brand because I wanted to provide affordable access to alternative therapy products.

I am the biggest user of my products and assure that you will get maximum benefits from my products.

choose fromm a variety of essential oils & formulae

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A 30 minute limited mobility routine designed to get blood and oxygen flowing through the body.

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We offer the best variety and price on these precious stones. you can get a 2 oz bottle of stones or get a whole stone. They are a great addition to your alternative therapy regimen.

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Reverse Flow Incense

Get these amazing Incense holders with Reverse flow incense included FREE

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A true story about how a traumatized young girl escaped hell to give others a road map.

This is poetry Memoir Autobiography

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